Grand Inauguration of the Renovated Marie and Post Office

One of the many reasons that we love the village of Daglan is the coming together of the people that live in and around the village. There is an excellent community spirit for helping and celebrating the achievements of the village. The most recent achievement is the renovation of the Mairie which now includes the Post Office.

A few days ago we received an invitation to the Grand Inauguration which took place this morning and was attended by most of the villagers, the Maire and dignitaries from the Perigord.

Daglan Mairie Our splendid Mairie with its grand tower

Our Maire, Pascal Dussol, guided the dignitaries, followed by a precession of the guests, around the municipal projects of Daglan. First we went to the Presbytère which was used as a temporary Mairie during the renovations and will now be put to use as art rooms, a library and music room. Then the long parade were shown the new apartments which were created in an old building and are designed for young families. Next was the Cemetery which has been extended.

View over Daglan and the Céou valley.From the Cemetery there are gorgeous views over Daglan and the Céou valley.

Then the precession returned to the Mairie.

Scissors on a velvet cushionWhere M. Dussol was presented with a pair of scissors on a velvet cushion by a very cute little girl from the local Primary school.

After cutting the ribbon we were invited to inspect the renovation work. It looked splendid, keeping the original features it is modern and efficient. To the right of the reception area is the new post office. The building which used to house the post office is for sale which will generate money for Daglan and the community.

Exposed stone and the superb fireplace and bread ovenThe committee/conference room with the exposed stone and the superb fireplace and bread oven.

Grand Inauguration of the Renovated Marie, DaglanBefore the buffet and wine came the speeches from the Marie, and august dignitaries, the Prefect de la Dordogne, Depute de la Dordogne President du Conseil Departmental, Vice-President du Senat Senateur de la Dordogne and Conseillere Departmental du canton de la vallee Dordogne. It was an honour for the Marie and for the village for them all to attend. They all spoke highly of the village, one said, “Perfect location, perfect village and people”. Wonderful.


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