Cleo loves Pixar!

Our ten week old kitten whom we have named Cleo loves the Pixar “Birds on a Wire” animation, she taps the screen and follows the birds from left to right, when the short film is finished she will look behind the screen to see if the birds are hiding.

Birds on a WireA great fan of Pixar “Birds on a Wire”


In the past we have adopted stray or unwanted cats but we have never had a young kitten before. Everything is new and exciting for her, she thrives on exploration, she plays hard and sleeps often.

Cleo sleepingIt’s an exhausting life…Time for sleep.

Cleo the catI am wide awake now, get ready, it is play time again.


We thought of adopting another cat as companion for Angel because she was grieving the great loss of Phoebe who died in the Spring of this year. Angel would call for her most nights and look for her around the house at feeding time. So when the chance to adopt Cleo came there was no hesitation.

For the first couple of weeks Angel hissed at Cleo whenever she saw her but gradually Angel has mellowed and they have started to play together, they now rush about playing tag and kiss each other on the nose.

dscn1922Starting to get along together.


We have plenty of cat toys to play with but who needs toys when she can play for hours with an empty cardboard kitchen roll, or a pair of slippers.

dscn1875“They are my slippers Cleo”.

Angel has stopped shouting in the night and when food is ready she now looks for Cleo, wonderful.

dscn1921She is so cute.



4 thoughts on “Cleo loves Pixar!

  1. How lovely. My beloved cat Minky used to have a real ‘thing’ for Charles Bronson. That gives away my age. When he came on telly she would stop dead, even with her tongue hanging out if she were washing, and not take her eyes off the screen. Never saw her react to anyone/thing else!

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