Alien garden at La Roque-Gageac

Part two of our trip to La Rogue-Gageac.


Last Sunday morning we paid a visit to the brocante at La Roque-Gageac. We have been to see the tropical gardens there many times but this time after we had parked the car I noticed a small lane at the back of the car park that we had not previously explored. So after looking around the Brocante we meandered our way up the small lane and through the tropical undergrowth.

This tropical style exotic garden is well worth a visit or two. The variety of plants is made possible because it is backed by the south facing cliff behind the village which stores heat all summer long and protects the plants in winter by slowly releasing the heat, giving the garden an all year round tropical microclimate. It was created by Gerard Dorin in 1970 and has grown and flourished ever since.

DSCN1767Tropical plants with their curious alien like seed pods.
DSCN1769Here is a close up of the pods, they reminded me of a scene from the film “Alien”, not a pleasant thought for me, far too much imagination!
Tropical garden at La Roque-GageacThis view was taken from the car park looking up towards the cliffs.
DSCN1768I wish that I knew what this plant was with its gorgeous red flowers, if anyone knows let me know please.

Events:- 10th Organ Academy Master Class which is run by Michel Bourard and Yasuko at 8.30 from the 7th to the 11th September at Cathédrale Saint Sacerdos, Sarlat.

Also, in Sarlat:- on the 17th September at 8 o’clock Sarlat will be lit by ten thousand candles to celebrate European Heritage Days. This year the theme is; Heritage and Citizenship. There is also an evening concert in the Cathedral.

It will be the 17th Castelnaud Canoe/Kayak Marathon on the 11th September, everybody is welcome to join in the fun.

16 thoughts on “Alien garden at La Roque-Gageac

  1. Hi Chris, the pretty red shrub you mentioned in your blog is an Oleander, every part of it is poisonous. Thanks for another interesting blog.

  2. Yes, it is an oleander. We have lots of them here in California. They even grow on the sides of the freeways. The flowers can also be white or light pink.

      • Also, thank you for the heads up about the European Heritage Days celebration in Sarlat. We are arriving in Sarlat for a two week stay on Saturday evening. I am looking forward to seeing the 10,000 lit candles in such a beautiful town and experiencing this celebration.

  3. We saw Oleanders everywhere in the south of France whilst on honeymoon this year. They are beautiful and come in different colours. Such a shame they are poisonous.

    • We are slowly getting to understand what will grow and what will not in this part of France, it is such a shame that we can not have the Oleanders. Thank you for the comment and congratulations, have a wonderful life together and if you are anywhere near Daglan in the future do drop in for a coffee.

      • Thanks Chris. We are planning to buy a property as close to Sarlat as possible in the next year or so. Will take you up on the coffee when we next come over.

  4. La Roque-Gageac is unique, unfortunately there have been several rock falls the worst being in 1959 when many houses were destroyed and 3 villagers lost their lives. There is a memorial for them and one can still see the outline of the homes against the rock. Thanks for all the heads-up on activities in the area…the European Heritage Day celebrations on the 17th Sept appeal to me.

  5. Hi
    Loving your blog and photos!
    Your ‘alien pods’ are bunches of bananas. We had banana trees in our garden in Texas when I was a little girl and they produced those pods. Fascinating watching them develop and unfold!!
    We are planning a trip to Sarlat area in April. Reading your blog is great!

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