Fête de la St Louis

The annual Fête in Daglan is something that no one should miss. When you think that each year Daglan undergoes metamorphosis from a small picturesque village to a four day long festival of wow, a fun packed party place to visit, it is quite outstanding.

Our only down side was that we were far too near to James Bond! In other words the bumper car ride was positioned very near to our home and was playing extremely loud fairground music which made the house tremble until 2 am each morning.

Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

I never thought that I would ever say this but ‘too close to James Bond!’

So we are feeling a little bit fragile at the moment, however, the band that we went to see on Saturday eve were fantastic.

Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

The band Mission, excellent and great to dance to.


Each year Daglan has a stunning themed parade and this Sunday was no exception. For 2016 the theme was Civilisation.

Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

The thought and skill that goes into making the costumes to the floats is truly outstanding.

Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

The master and me, I think that Maire Pascal Dussol enjoyed his role as Pharaoh!


Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

The Vikings are coming… around the corner towing their long boat by tractor.

Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

Long boat accompanied by raucous shouts of Odin, Odin, and complete with shields, swords and captives, the warriors spraying the crowds with water pistols and glitter!


Fête de la St Louis, DaglanNative Americans – they had captured the covered wagon, wonderful.

Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

This was one of our favourites – African Tribes, apparently they were drinking jungle juice made from strawberries and lemonade liberally laced with white wine.


Walk like an Egyptian.

Le Thé Vert transformed into the Oasis of Nefertiti.

Always good, not only for the lunches but for costumes, pyramids, not forgetting the sphinx which was made from plastic bottles, and papier-mâché. The face is actually papier-mâché mold of a real person, wow.

Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

I loved the hieroglyphics, which translated to the Oasis of Nefertiti. Brilliant well done all at Le Thé Vert.


Fête de la St Louis, Daglan

And the fireworks had the awesome factor, so in short we had a brilliant time.


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