Artist at work in and around Daglan

Imagine our surprise when we popped out to the supermarket next to our home and found an artist at work creating La Place de La Liberty (village square) in water colour. The painting was wonderful the colours depicted exactly the golden colour of the stones when the sun shines upon them. This particular artist resides in Beynac, he travels around the various villages of the Perigord painting village squares, buildings and people.


DSCN1561 Artist at work at the corner of our home.


DSCN1553This is definitely a scene that I would love to paint.


Artist at workAnother artist capturing the still waters of the Dordogne river.



DSCN1558O.K I could not paint this scene so a photograph will have to do! A field of gorgeous sun flowers with their heads turned towards the sun near Castlenaud.


DSCN1567We had two sketches of our home commissioned by a local artist called Ray. One was a present for our son’s Birthday and the other is above. Brilliant work, I will be buying a few more sketches from him, a sketch of a Château or Monpazier would be great.

Events:-Daglan 31st July Garage Sale and Promenade en Gastronomie with demonstrations of dog truffiers. Which is great fun, a few years ago we watched the dog truffle finder who was more interested in the nearby sausage seller than the truffles!


3 thoughts on “Artist at work in and around Daglan

  1. I enjoy that artist’s work, he exhibited in Daglan last summer. Love the sunflower pic and Castlenaud in the background as well as the sketch of your home by Ray.

  2. Lovely! We so enjoy reading your posts. Thankyou for brightening our days whilst we are working towards our dream of buying a home in the Dordogne

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