Bonne Chance Daglan

Village of Flowers (Villes et Villages Fleuris) is awarded each year by the National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom (Council National des Villes et Villages Fleuris). During the inspection the council takes into account certain criteria such as landscape, plant heritage, floral displays and respect for the natural environment. The village or town may then be awarded one or more flowers, four being the highest level. It is similar to the star system you see on a hotel for example two or five stars. Bergerac is the proud owner of four flowers on its sign and Montfort has three flowers.

Today is Daglans big day when the Council will arrive for the inspection and the village I must say is looking awesome in bloom, but I am just a little bit bias.


Bonn Chance DaglanGorgeous trumpet like flowers are growing from a climbing plant across the road from Fabrice de Chief Cantina.


DSCN1509Not sure what the creature represents but it looks great lurking among the lavender
It was made by the children in the primary school in the village.


DSCN1504Looking out from our balcony to the village square which is adorned with flowers.

Event:-Belves Fate Medieval on 6th and 7th August



6 thoughts on “Bonne Chance Daglan

  1. Fingers crossed, it’s a pity about the current heatwave. I hope the Mairie took the judging committee to a good restaurant for lunch.

  2. Hi Both, we’re heading to France next week on our hols. Staying nr. Issigeac but thought we would head over to Daglan after reading so much about it in your blog! Any other recommendations for the local area? You helped us last year with your recommendations for the ‘hidden’ caves in Belves & the Manoir de Gisson in Sarlat which we wouldn’t have found without your blog!

    best wishes

    • Hi Paul, Issigeac is a gorgeous place and so near Monbazillac which is well worth a visit or two. Sarlat has a music festival until the start of August, however there are various Fates and night markets to visit in the Perigord at the moment. Belves has a Fate Medieval on the 6th and 7th August which we are looking forward to seeing. Do drop in to see us on your visit to Daglan for a coffee.

      • Hi Chris
        thank you so much for your reply – much appreciated. I love the medieval festivals in France so will definitely head to Belves. I’ll listen out for Yorkshire & Lancastrien accents when we visit Daglan, we’re from Cardiff & Liverpool so our accents will be noticeable also!


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