Meet and Greet at the Salle des fêtes.

What a wonderful idea to welcome newcomers to the charming village of Daglan and to meet French, Spanish, Dutch, African, Scottish, Canadian and English residents, the list goes on so I’m sorry if I have missed anyone out.

We needed something to be happy about after last Thursday’s vote in Britain, the meet and greet organised by La Club de l’Amité Daglanais and the Mairie was a tonic, for a few hours at least we had a rest from the terrible news.

DSCN1478On a gorgeous summer evening alongside our beautiful river Céou, we gathered for a drink or three, introductions and  friendly chat.

DSCN1473Our wonderful new friends who have helped us greatly to integrate into the community and have told us the best places to go for furniture, DIY, flowers etc.

DSCN1477Trestle tables were arranged with enough food to feed everyone.

Daglan Meet and GreetHere is one of the people who have spent a lot of time making our village look gorgeous with flowers and children’s displays. I think that he liked his photograph being taken!

DSCN1480After meeting, greeting, eating and drinking it was time for the bonfire to be lit. Angus and Paul were shocked to see so much wood being burned, more shelves for our homes did spring to mind.

DSCN1486We danced around the bonfire and it was great fun, doubly so due to the fact that I have not been able to dance in a long time. With constant back pain for several years then recently falling down the stairs I have been having phsyio treatment and I am glad to say that the magic fingers have worked, no pain at all… I know, I can not believe it either, but it is so, the Health Service here in France is wonderful, but I digress…

DSCN1487People from every nationality joined in the celebrations, brilliant.
It was a lovely evening meeting lovely people, a good time was had by all.  My warmest thanks to the village of Dagan.


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