Terrible News today.

We are both in shock at the vote to come out of the EU. Positive thinking kept me through the last few weeks of the campaign, I was hoping that people would realise the ramifications of coming out of the EU, but no I was wrong.

One of the things that has made a big impact on Paul and I living here in France is how people even in our small village help and support each other. People are interested in you if you come from a different country or not it does not matter. I have talked to a few people from France and other countries and they all say the same thing, ‘remain in the EU’. We are all part of the EU and the world and we should all stand together and help and support each other.

My personal rant is over.


On this sober day I thought that it would be cheery to show how children work together to produce the most amazing art work around our village of Daglan.

Isn’t this wonderful



These insect models have been placed next to one of the “insect hotels” in Daglan.



I love the way that they have used an old lamp shade for the tummy.


This is my favourite, another “insect hotel” surrounded by models. All of the models were made in the art room at the Mairie by children of the local primary school.

Well I hope the artwork has brought a smile to a few faces. Remember that more artwork is to be found at various art studios and at the Daglan Art Exhibition.

Event:- Daglan Saturday 25th June at five pm at the Salle Des Fêtes, a party to get to know each other for all the people of the village, an aperitif or two will be enjoyed I am sure.


4 thoughts on “Terrible News today.

  1. As ex pats now living in Australia we are shocked and saddened by this terrible and misguided decision. Our daughter has been living in London for nearly 2 years and has a wide and eclectic group of friends from many countries. In these times people should be sticking together and working as one community not going off into isolation – how depressing. I have always loved Europe and do a weekly German class here in Perth. My German friends and most sensible people here simply can’t understand what on earth the British think they are doing – the Brexit campaign was based on complete lies (about the finances) and whipping up racist hysteria. Sad day indeed 😦 Please excuse my rant too and thanks for the lovely artwork photos to brighten the day! 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris.
    You are one of a handul of bloggers who completely understand where I’m coming from today.
    For me, this destabilises every one of our hopes and plans going forward and leaves my grandson’s generation rudderless, isolated and without any security or certainty in the future. Right now, I feel like it’s just about the last straw.

  3. Thank you for your comments you are so right but do not give up hope. I am back to positive thinking again, are you planning to move to France? If so do it, it is the best thing we ever did. A lot of things will get worse in England that is true, that will impact on the expats. However, do not let that stop you.

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