Blooming Daglan

It does not matter if you have a small balcony, or a large garden, everywhere you look there are a variety of flowers in bloom that smell divine. People take pride in their displays of roses, carnations, lavender, pansies etc. I feel sure that Daglan could put itself forward for “one of the prettiest villages in France awards.”

Here are just a few of the many gardens on display.

Each balustrade in Daglan has cascading flowers. This particular courtyard has highly perfumed red roses, that draw you in as you walk by.


DSCN1348The colours are magnificent, vivid purple flowers work perfectly with the grey and blue stones at the side of this property.

DSCN1373I call this ‘horse shoe cottage of pink roses’


DSCN1374Gorgeous white roses at the side of one of our neighbours home, the scent is amazing.


Our own veranda at the back of our property, with the budding grape vine on the left which seems to grow bigger and more lush every day.

Blooming DaglanJust two months ago it resembled a small twig and look at it now.


DSCN1369Pretty pink, purple and white fuchsias on our balcony at the front of the property.


It is always a good idea to look at the garden’s and flowers of the village in order to see what will grow and what will not in this part of France. Up to now we have found that hyacinth plants bloom more than once in this climate and pansies seem to bloom from March onwards, if they are not eaten by the dreaded “purple pansy eaters”. I know that it sounds strange but we have a variety of different coloured pansies but slugs only eat the purple ones and nothing else. The solution is to use a tried and trusted method of planting an empty jam jar in the soil and part filling the jar with beer (thank you Sis for the suggestion). It worked, it seems that slugs love the beer more than purple pansies and we do too, nice and refreshing on a hot day.


DSCN1346I know that the above is not strictly in Daglan but it is so gorgeous we just had to stop and take a picture of a field of poppies on our way home from Cenac.


Do not miss Castelnaud la Chapelle antique fair and vintage car show on the 4th and 5th> June.

Daglan flowers on display throughout the summer so take a look when you next visit.


One thought on “Blooming Daglan

  1. Lovely pics Chris. We’ve visited many of France’s Plus Beaux villages and I do agree Daglan could compete with any one of them.

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