Daglan Brocante

I always feel that summer is around the corner when the Brocante season starts in and around our village.  Last weekend it was Daglan’s turn to host a Brocante, the sun was shining, and the heat was rising. So armed with a mental picture of possible purchases we set off for the Brocante.

It was a fabulous turn out of antiques and people from Daglan and the Perigord Noir, we where glad that we had arrived early.  In the Salle des fêtes (village hall), no pictures were allowed to be taken, which is always a shame but understandable given the really expensive items on display. I did fall in love with an armoire but too expensive at nearly 900€ and a few very interesting amphora that looked like they had just arrived from Pompeii.

Temptation over with we slowly walked around the various outside stalls, meeting and “kisses” on both cheeks, our friends in the village. Who helped us to find what we had come to the Brocante for, a large mirror for the bathroom.  But I digress, other items first.


DSCN1349These two gorgeous chairs I have called the “gun powder plot”, you can just see in the left hand chair two cavaliers carrying the barrels of gun powder.


The mirror.

DSCN1351Paul and the seller trying to place our new or rather old mirror into a bag.

If anyone knows what the items are on the table on the right please let me know. I am unsure if the thatched witches’ hats belong to the oriental wooden objects or not.  I should have asked the seller!

DSCN1355Here it is, it needs cleaning but no other work is needed, we love it.


DSCN1359Another purchase, our “slug” or rather fish shaped dressing gown hook for the bathroom. I think you will need to look at the picture from the side in order to see the fish.  It was painted white with bits of bronze peeping through.  Paul cleaned it and voila, it was transformed a fish balancing a chess pawn on its head (please don’t ask why).

We were all ready to go back to the Brocante on Sunday after a planned visit to the market at St Cyprian.  We wanted to look for another mirror for the guest bedroom. Unfortunately we only got as far as Castlenaud when thick heavy black storm clouds were seen gathering over the castle. Needless to say a quick retreat was in order; we made it back to Daglan just ahead of the torrential rain and thunder that lasted most of the day.


The most interesting event on Sunday was the fact that the stall holders in La Place de La Liberty market just pulled their parasols further down to keep the wind and rain out then continued on selling their fresh produce. They are more hardened to the weather than Paul and I.  Which is strange due to the fact that Paul and I lived in Blackpool which is in the north of England, were it rains most of the year?



Castlenaud : 4th and 5th June : Brocante and vintage cars in the main car park.

Sarlat : 21st June : Fête de la Musique. Live music throughout the Medieval quarter.





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