Our New Bibliothèque (library)

Daglan’s municipal library had a grand opening last Monday afternoon.  A speech was given by our Maire Pascal Dussol in the garden at the back of the Maire.

DSCN1336Maire Pascal Dussol presenting the inaugural speech.


The building was once a presbytère for former priests of Daglan.  After the revolution it became a school and now the Maire has transformed the building to become the Maire, offices, post office and art classes for the primary children of Daglan.

DSCN1341A “glass of friendship” was shared by all, plus biscuits and tarte tatin.


Last year the French Government stated that children should receive more education outside of the classroom and more art classes.  This was taken on board by the local school and community.  Now part of the curriculum for children is to go out into the forest which surrounds Daglan with experts to gather a few flowers, insects etc to take back to the classroom to study and then draw and create models of their finds. Now they have the added bonus of the library which is in the room next door to the classroom where they can find any information that they might need.

DSCN1339Books for the older children to study and enjoy.


DSCN1338On these shelves are books on the local area and different parts of France.  In the boxes were books for the very young.  The carpet is a colourful road map which the children loved to play on.


DSCN1340Adults can also join the library, I found a few French versions of books I have read in English which I intend to borrow, which I hope will improve my French.


The library is open every Monday from 16:30 until 19:00 and Wednesday afternoon from 16:00 until 19:00.



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