Mason de Bleu

I did read a few years ago that there are only certain colours that are permitted on the outside of your home in any of the French villages throughout France.  Usually in the form of different shades of blue, which are determined by the Marie and the community.  With this in mind we spent a long time walking around Daglan looking at and making note of the colour scheme of the village houses. Armed with the knowledge that we could choose a variety of shades of blue not just one or two, we set off for a DIY store.

Which sounds like an easy task, however each DIY store in the area is between an hour to half a day’s drive away and each of the stores may or may not sell a good variety of paint and of course each store will close at twelve o’clock for two to three hours.  No problem, lunch out sounds great so our plan was to go to the nearest store in Sarlat first, which we did, only to find that they were experiencing a power cut.  Not a problem at all to French people who where happily walking around the DIY store choosing items by the light of their mobile phones. When in Rome do as the Romans do came to mind so armed with our phones we looked at and picked paint for the shutters and the window frames.



What a transformation, our mason de blue.

It could of gone disastrously wrong in the light of day but no we love the colour and so does our Marie, who gave my husband a smile and a “superb” when he saw the colour.

Mason de Bleu

With lavender and roses in the various planters downstairs and pansies on the balcony, the house is slowly feeling more like a home.



Paul made the shutters for the office window, brilliant.



The veranda is looking good in its new colours.


Events: – 7th May Belle Brocante in Sarlat from 8 o’clock to 4 o’clock, on the Avenue de la Dordogne.

On 21st and 22nd of May Daglan will be holding a Flea Market in and around the village hall.

Also, Le Thé Vert  in Daglan is now open for the season.  Check out their site on  We can highly recommend the food, wine and delicious Yorkshire tea. Not forgetting the excellent service and friendly atmosphere that greets you every time you go.



7 thoughts on “Mason de Bleu

  1. My wife and I stayed minutes away from Daglan on our honeymoon and fell in love with the Dordogne blue shutters. Found your article while searching for the exact colour blue so I could make my own here in Australia. You don’t by any chance know the colour shade, or paint name, or paint colour you used. I’m sure they wouldn’t have it in Australia, but might be able to colour match if they have the name. Thanks in advance.

    • The colour that we used was Dulux Valentine Diamant ciel d’orange which is a French sky blue. I hope that you will be able to get it in Australia. The Dordogne is a very romantic place for a honeymoon, do you plan to come back for a visit? Take care, Chris

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