English Meal at La Club de l’Amitié Daglanais (friendship club)

The first thing that I would like to say is a very large congratulations to everyone that took part in bringing the first ever “British” meal to be held at the Salle des Fétes last Sunday. Everyone worked tremendously hard from the first planning stage to the end of the five course meal. On the menu was typically British food which was acquired by and cooked by the British members.  Who originated from Lancashire, Yorkshire, Scotland, Ireland and Canada, with help and support from France and Australia.

The menu consisted of an aperitif with nibbles, soup, pâté, beef and ale with vegetables, creamed potatoes and puff pastry, or a vegetarian option which was tofu with vegetables cooked in red wine.  Accompanied by lots of red wine, water or orange juice throughout the meal.  Followed by trifle then a selection of British cheeses then after eight mints with coffee and a generous shot of whiskey on the side.

My part was to make half of the trifles, thirty one in total, I had never made so many before but it was great fun to do.

English Meal at La Club de l’Amitié Daglanais A lot of the people in our village had never seen or indeed eaten a trifle before but they all love it especially the Cointreau or Armanac soaked sponge at the bottom.

IMG_20160423_114835I was particularly impressed by the organisation in the kitchen everything ran smoothly from start to finish.

IMG_20160423_121344The hall looked wonderful in red, white and blue.

My husband helped in the setting up of the tables, preparation of the vegetables, serving the quests and packing away at the end. Thank you to him for stepping in for me due to the fact that I had fallen half way down the stairs on the Saturday morning, nothing was broken but I have hurt my back and ribs once more.

One interesting ancient custom was that many of the French members performed ‘faire chabrot’ where a small amount of red wine is added to the remains in the soup bowl, which is stirred around a few times, then drank without the aid of a spoon.

DSCN1250Paul assures me it was delicious, but rather difficult to drink!


4 thoughts on “English Meal at La Club de l’Amitié Daglanais (friendship club)

  1. So you must know Loren who writes the Radio Free Daglan blog? Amazing to have two English language blogs from a small town in the Dordogne! Love them both – they keep me going through the cold, wet UK winter whilst I think about my regular two week summer holiday in France (staying nr. Issigeac this year)

    • Yes we do know Loren he and his wife are good friends of ours. We all had a terrific lunch last Sunday, I think that I may need to diet for a month or two!

  2. Sounds as though everyone loved the lunch…well done to all the anglophiles who worked so hard to make it such a success.

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