Tribute to our gorgeous Phoebe

IMG_20151103_105008Our gorgeous Phoebe


I think that this week has been the most stressful and unhappy week Paul and I have experienced in France.  Our little girl was not eating a great deal but drinking more and more cat milk or water. So we took her for a check up to the local vet’s, who tested her blood for everything.  To our shock it was found that Phoebe had kidney failure and that she would have to stay at the animal hospital for treatment.  However, by Monday the vet told us that Phoebe had only a few days to live and that if we took her home she would suffer. I would have given anything to save her. After talking to our son we finally had to admit that there was nothing that could be done and Phoebe was put to sleep while we gave her an Indian head massage, her favourite, she purred and went to sleep.


PhoebeShe loved to sit and wait for the supermarket next door to open. People would come to the window to talk to her.


DSCN0918Interested in the Sunday market and the Monday clean up of Le Place de la Liberté


IMG_20151230_151950If Phoebe saw you with a camera she would stop playing and pose for you – always the diva.


IMG_20160208_083547Look I have string, you can bite it, chase it, hide it and I look so good.


IMG_20160322_154014She loved the sun so much, here she is fast asleep but she also loved to roll on her back with her paws in the air.


We miss her so much, the one in a million cat, Phoebe.



4 thoughts on “Tribute to our gorgeous Phoebe

  1. Devastating to lose a beloved pet. She looks such a personality too.
    We lost our old dog Coco three years ago and had to make that awful decision. I still expect her to greet me when I open the front door .
    Just remember think how much she enjoyed her short but happy time in France- what a lovely retirement!

  2. This is such a sad post but is a lovely tribute to your friend. Having been through this twice with 2 cats, I consoled myself with the thought that their lives had been filled with love and when they really needed me to help them through, I had given them the kindest, most pain free exit. Because of your photos and blog, Phoebe will always be there. All the best to you.

  3. A lovely tribute and pics of your beautiful Phoebe, she certainly had a big personality. No words can ease your pain but take comfort in your many happy memories of her and in the fact that she had a wonderful life. Hugs to you and Paul.

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