The One Of A Kind!

To be really honest, like many people who was scared while watching the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho” in their early teenage years, I had developed a phobia to showers, in particular showers with curtains! So it was a little upsetting to have a one of a kind shower in our small bathroom in France.

To be fair it did not have a shower curtain but it was a strange cylinder shape that made you feel totally enclosed once inside, I should mention that I am also claustrophobic!


Our old cylinder shower


However, I am not one to shrink from a challenge and into the shower I went, panic at first but then I was so busy trying to keep the non closing door closed to prevent the water going all over the bathroom floor, and at the same time trying to regulate the temperature of the water from freezing to boiling point that my fear dissipated long enough for me to have a shower.


Not a lot of room as you can see, it had to go.


After planning the layout of the bathroom and looking at and testing out showers! I must explain that in order to have a new shower in the bathroom I had to step inside each shower on display in the various stores we visited to test out my phobia, panic or no panic! The result is below, a new shower which is perfect, no panic at all.


In with the new


Now all we need to do is to find an antique wash stand with a marble top and a hand basin to compliment it, remove the tiles from the walls and floor and replace them with something more to our liking, paint the woodwork. The to do list seems to be getting longer!


French News:-

Single-use plastic bags are set to be banned from French shops by this month, April 2016. A second law is planned for January 2017, which will ban all other kinds of disposable plastic bags including those provided for packing fruit, vegetables and cheese!

Also, a ‘doggy bag’ law has come into force in France in an attempt to cut down on food wastage in restaurants across the country, brilliant, although I do not remember leaving enough food to take home when I have eaten in a French restaurant!


12 thoughts on “The One Of A Kind!

  1. Your new shower looks lovely and spacious, well done! I know what you mean by the “to do” list. We had the exact same shower cubicle in our home….they must’ve been “state of the art” in their day. How about a pic of your beautiful front door and shutters. That’s such a pretty colour you’ve chosen. Keep up the good work and your interesting posts.

  2. Thank you for the comments, did you have a good Easter? Our next blog will be the front door and shutters, just need a picture of the office shutters that Paul has made, I have been waiting for the sun to come out! Remember we are here if you want any help with your renovation, just email or pop around to our home.

  3. Gosh! Haven’t we had loads of rain. I’m making the most of the rainy weather with painting indoors but as soon as the sun comes out, I’ll be in the garden. We’ve made a good bit of progress since you were here last. Looking forward to your next post and to catching up with you two lovely people again.

  4. Dear Chris and Paul, we are a Danish couple from Copenhagen heading for Sarlat tomorrow. The next 8-10 days we will be busy looking at houses in the area, as we are thinking about buying a house as a second home in a not too distant future, preferably a townhouse with a little garden. Your website has been very interesting, entertaining and inspiring indeed, and Daglan seems like an extraordinary nice village. We can understand from a reply you made that your agent has closed. Can you recommend any particular agent in the area – or is it just seek and try? Kind regards, Anja & Henrik

    • Hi great to hear from you. Thank you so much for the comments. There are a lot of agents in Sarlat, however if you take a walk around the villages in the area and pick which one you have fallen in love with the homes for sale will have boards in their gardens with the agents name and phone number. There are a few homes for sale in Daglan, it is a gorgeous village even in winter, the people always greet you with a smile and a bonjour. Let me know about your progress and do pop in for a coffee.

      • Thank you very much, that is very kind of you. We will certainly be passing through Daglan during our stay. If you are home, it could be fun to say hello – and if you are not, we can try again next time we are around (as this will most likely not be our last visit to the area). Kind regards, Anja & Henrik

    • Hi Chris and Paul. How lovely was the warmth and sunshine today. Our kitchen is 95% complete. No furniture yet but our 21 year old Saeco coffee machine still makes an awesome coffee. We’d love to swap reno war stories with you. Give us a shout.

  5. Hi Sherry and Angus, will you be in on Wednesday? Going to try and find a wash hand basin on Tuesday, wish us look. See you soon Chris and Paul

    • Hi Chris & Paul…..around 10 a.m. on Wednesday is good for us. Looking forward to seeing you both. Bonne Chance in your search for a wash hand basin. A&S

      • See you both at ten on Wednesday. Luck was not with us today, no wash hand basin. Do you know of any store that sells marble wash hand basins?

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