Spring Festival (Fête du Printemps)

To celebrate the first day of spring our Mairie organised a Spring Festival in and around La Place De La Liberté, which extended down the main road and the many side streets of Daglan. This is the first Spring Festival and what a success it has been. Paul and I bought flowers for our balcony, veranda and our petit garden, plus mint and tomato plants.

There was also a five course luncheon held at the Salle des Fetes for about one hundred and forty people, which unfortunately we could not attend, my fault for being a vegetarian, but the menu looked excellent and I am very sure tasted superb.


Spring FestivalView from our balcony


DSCN1206Le Lavoir, which was decorated with dragon fly’s made by the children in the local primary school.


DSCN1208Totting up the bill, Paul buying pansies not all of them on show but nearly, with tomato plants and mint.


DSCN1210There was even major garden equipment for sale.


DSCN1211We had never seen these Japanese trees before.


DSCN1216Cactus plants, daffodils, roses, alpines etc anything that you would want to buy for the garden was on display.


DSCN1217Including ready made topiary – I was tempted but did not buy.



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