Truffle Update

Paul and I went to a Truffle Festival earlier in the year, (you can read about out trip here); it was wonderful seeing all of the truffles and an insight in how to cook with them.

trufflesThis is our tiny truffle on a teaspoon.

Our first meal was an omelette made with eggs that were infused overnight with truffle aroma, which was delicious. At the truffle festival I saw quite a few stalls that had truffles placed inside a jar of rice. We tried it, pop the truffle into a jar of rice and leave for about a week. It works wonderfully; the truffle aroma permeates the rice, which we had with a Thai curry, also gorgeous.

IMG_20160206_163841Our last truffle meal was grated truffle sprinkled on top of pasta with a cream sauce, awesome.

Not bad, one tiny truffle made three outstanding meals and as a bonus, the jar with the rice still has that distinctive truffle aroma so it’s been topped up to absorb the distinctive flavour.


Cenac Carnival 5th March – Carnival at two o’clock, food and drink from seven o’clock.


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