Generations Movement Le Club De L’Amitie Daglanaise (Club of friendship)

We have joined a club! This is a club of friendship for the Daglan people to get together to discuss events in the village and to meet people with similar or not so similar interests. Nearly all of the people are French with smattering of other nationalities.

We both had a very good time meeting and getting to know various people who are always very friendly and helpful and who I hope will knock on our door for a coffee or an aperitif or two in the near future.

Le Club De L’Amitie DaglanaiseHere we are on the left of the picture, waiting for the seven course meal to arrive.


was as follows:-
Aperitif Maison
nuts, crisps and small pizzas
Potage De Feves Et Son Lard Fume
soup with smoked bacon
Prefet De Canard
terrine of duck with salad
Parmentier de Canard Sur Son Lit De Salad
cottage pie with duck and a side salad
local cheeses
Dessert Du Château
chocolate gâteau


Paul loved the meal, I am a vegetarian, and so was a little limited to what I could eat. The chief did say that he would take the pork out of the soup for me! I did have the aperitif and two lots of salad, cheese and two helpings of dessert so I was fine, no problem. The funny thing is that I always get a sympathetic “Oh non!” every time I say that I am a vegetarian.


DSCN1137Speeches were made thanking the president and the chief for all of their hard work.


DSCN1139Dessert Du Château which had the clubs emblem on the top right hand corner. It was delicious; chocolate is always my favourite, so I had two lots I shall diet on Monday!


DSCN1141Some people were presented with a bottle of liquor to celebrate their birthday. This bottle was a liquor made from prunes which was presented to a friend who has reached a certain age. Happy Birthday

His wife and the president of the club also received a bottle of cherry liquor, Happy Birthday; I am so looking forward to my next birthday.

Thank you so much to you all for making us feel very welcome.



Fête du Printemps – Maisons Fleuries Contest – the Marie has organised a contest this year, for the best house flowers in Daglan and hamlets to be held on the 20th March
Find more details here


3 thoughts on “Generations Movement Le Club De L’Amitie Daglanaise (Club of friendship)

  1. Sounds like a great organization. What a typical Perigordian meal, luckily you had lots of salad and cake☺
    We have a similar organization in LE Bugue called ACIP that we are very involved with, although it is mainly anglo-saxons.

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