Carnival of Pétassou

First we heard the loud music in the quiet streets of Daglan followed by a tractor with a scarecrow type figure attached to the tailor at the back


A Medieval custom which is still carried out throughout France.

Then came the children from the local Primary school in costumes and masks.


Brilliant animal costumes of cats, pigs and I think a wolf or two.

This was the carnival of the wicked Pétassou who is the object of a thousand evils from theft to the explotation of shale gas! The procession moves up and down the main street until it arrives at the commune space outside the Salle des fetes (community hall). Where all of the children dance around the scarecrow, his judgement is recited and then the evil Pétassou is burned.


Scary masks and head adornment, terrific.

One winner for the best costume is picked, then the children gather around for snack’s which were prepared by parents of the children.


A few of the children were in full costume, like the little boy on the left.

It was a terrific sight to brighten up a cold and wet morning in Daglan.


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