Happy New Year

These are just a few of our favourite pictures and memories from our first autumn and Christmas in Daglan.

DSCN0926The colours of autumn – when I went for a walk, walnut picking on the way.


DSCN0950The breakfast treat in Roland Mertz Patisserie that begins our weekly shop in Sarlat.


DSCN0999And in the window, Noel treats


It has been claimed on tripadvisor that Roland Mertz is the best patisserie in the world, we would not disagree with that.


Our first Christmas was wonderful.

DSCN1060aThe flowers are from our new friends who live and work in Daglan, it was such a surprise to receive them. We have met a few couples who have welcomed Paul and I into the village with a kiss on both cheeks.  It is one of the many things that we love about France, another is that total strangers say hello to you, on the street, in shops, doctors etc. If a stranger said hello to you in England or even more strange, ask how you are, you would think that they wanted something from you. But here it is just good manners, which is superb.


DSCN1061aThe gorgeous blue sky by the mill on Christmas Day.


IMG_20151226_142102Christmas afternoon on the veranda with Phoebe and Angel, the temperature was about 15C, all I needed now was a glass of chilled wine and a mince pie.


I will not be posting new blogs for a week or so because I am flying back to England to visit a relative. So a very Happy New Year and if you are in Sarlat on the 16th or 17th January for the Truffle Festival Paul and I will see you there.


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