Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

The first two pictures were taken at the end of November, our first snow of the year, just a sprinkling but it was there.  To be honest it was a bit of a shock looking out of the window at seven thirty that morning, but us being the rather eccentric English residents of the village, Paul and I had to go out and take photographs.



Le Petite Paris Restaurant. It is closed now for the winter months.



La Square de Liberté – with its light dusting of snow.

The sky was so heavy and white that I expected a lot more snow but according to the owners of the supermarket next door to us, it will arrive in January or February.



This is what followed the following day, freezing frost at -2C and fog.

The fog rolls over the water of the Dordogne River like tumbleweed, a very magical sight.



These look a little like Scottish Highland cattle; they are the most gorgeous colour with huge horns.  The one at the front started to move towards me has I was taking this picture.  Will not say that I was scared but with its very large horns pointed towards me I was back in the car in record time.

By the way the temperature in the mornings has now reached -3C but it rises during the day to about 10C then drops down again after about two o’clock in the afternoon.



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