Je Suis Paris

First of all a very large sorry for not “blogging” for so long but we were in the process of moving to France. After the various trials and tribulations we finally have most of our furniture and our computer is installed in our new home. More on the move and I hope helpful hints to future movers in our next blog.

However, the tragedy of the crimes committed in Paris is of course the overriding concern to people of various nationalities and religions across France.

Je Suis ParisOur village coming together to pay respects to the people of Paris.
The Marie gave a wonderful speech on pulling together as one.

IMG_20151116_120547The lighting of the candles around the fountain in the village square.
Which was followed by a minute silence and afterwards the children from the junior school sung the French National Anthem. It was very moving indeed.

IMG_20151116_120630The children had drawn pictures of support for the crimes and loss of Paris.

IMG_20151118_160721This picture was taken yesterday and I think that it says it all. The candle is replaced and lit everyday.

This sort of tragedy happens so often around the world, and it’s terrible.
Bombers, one of them 11, target Nigeria market

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