Château de Hautefort – 2

This is the second part of a two part blog on Château de Hautefort, the first part can be found here

The Gardens

The tower on the left was where the famous author Gabriel Victor Eugene Le Roy was born in 1836, he is famous for writing “Jacquou Le Croquant” in 1899, which describes the poverty that Perigord peasants lived in so that the wealthy could afford life’s little luxury’s. A ‘croquant’ is a South West word for a 17th century peasant rebel; the name relates to the grinding of angry teeth.

rear of the Chateau The rear of the Château with its magnificent gardens and the oncoming storm on the top left of the picture.

The Minister of Culture and Communication awarded the gardens the title of “Remarkable Gardens” in 2004. This is a French style garden which was influenced by many trips to Italy. There is also an English park at the front of the Château which was designed by Choulot in the 19th century.

the gardens View of the gardens taken from one of the Château’s bedroom windows

Perfumed flowersPerfumed flowers in the borders

Beautiful curling hedgesBeautiful curling hedges

The Château de Hautefort, gardens and park are open from April to September 10 until 12 and 2 until 6 and from November to February, Sunday only 2 until 5.

Château de Hautefort


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