Just Messing About Near The River

Céou Valley

Named after the River Céou that starts at Gaumier in the South and meanders to Castlenaud La Chapelle in the North where it feeds the mighty Dordogne. Along the way it passes through a number of small villages, one of which is Daglan.

Céou River. It is so crystal clear you can see the many fish and pond life swim by.River Ceou

Every Thursday morning in July and August there are guided 6Km walks around some of the dry stone houses which date back several centuries. The walks include an interesting stroll along the banks of the River Céou where you will find recreation areas, picnic grounds, tennis courts and children’s play areas, Ideal to relax and watch the Céou flowing by.

Paul having a relaxing few minutes.River Ceou

This picture was taken adjacent to the River Céou, where you’ll see several horses grazing in the fields with to the background song of cicadas.Horses grazingWell it was a hot day!


If you are in the Perigord this weekend, why not try Monpazier for the Music Festival which starts today.

Also, at Castlenaud La Chapelle there is an evening concert and a “raid”, no it is not climbing up the castle walls with sword in hand, a “raid” is running, biking and canoeing races.

The evening Bio Markets start every Thursday eve in Sarlat at the end of June, where you can buy lots of lovely organic food.


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