Le Tournepique

This was one of our treat days, lunch out at Le Tournepique restaurant which sits on the bridge in the lovely village of Castelnaud la Chapelle. Recently the restaurant has acquired new owners so with this in mind we thought that we would take a look at the menu just to see if anything had changed. Still the same Spanish influence, so we thought that we would give it a try.

Le Tournepique.

Le Tournepique

One beauty of this restaurant is the view from the windows, a vista that takes in the Château sitting atop the hill and the the Dordogne River meandering by.
Wonderful viewsThe view from the restaurant looking towards the château.

My main meal

sea bassServed in the pan, sea bass, salad, rice with the most delicious sauce of peppers, onion and spices, excellent but I could not eat it all.

Café Gourmand.

Café GourmandA relatively new but ultra trendy concept in France, this is a coffee served with a selection of desserts. Perfect for the sweet-toothed indecisive, you get one two or in our case four mouthwatering portions of different desserts, no choosing is needed: the chef decides what to serve. We had chocolate mousse, rhubarb trifle, walnut gateau, and crème brûlée, all washed down with the traditional coffee crème. Delicious, I enjoyed every mouthful and there is certainly, enough for two to share. I was so full that I did not eat anything until the next day, which was a diet/fasting day.

Good food, a major plus point is that you can see the chief preparing your meal in the open kitchen, the aroma is wonderful. Friendly staff with excellent views to compliment the meal, we shall go again.


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