No radiator leaks

We have returned from our renovation work on our home in Daglan France, with great news – no radiator leaks. I was ready for the annual flood of water which always starts with a small trickle and finishes with an indoor swimming pool, but no leaks, wonderful.

One of our tasks this visit was to make our home more “cat friendly”. This we completed with the help of bamboo fencing on the balcony, veranda and courtyard.

DSCN0772I plan to grow a variety of pot plants that will I hope, meander up and along the bamboo.

DSCN0804The large veranda at the back of the house is still in need of some loving care. We are hoping to replace the windows and install French door’s after our move to France.

DSCN0805More bamboo fencing? Paul relaxing in our courtyard on a gorgeous hot day.”>DSCN0806And we partitioned the chaufferie – boiler room.

With luck the more obvious cat temptations are now less tempting … but cats will be cats.


3 thoughts on “No radiator leaks

  1. Well done, looks great
    I am sure your cats will adapt – we are often joined by our neighbour’s kitten who has found a way to get onto a second floor roof terrace with no obvious route or foot holds!!

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