Furniture renovation seems to be a yearly habit for Paul and I; last year it was the linen chest and bedroom chair, this year we have focused on the dining room chairs. At first I did look into stripping and re-varnishing the chairs, but I am not that skilled and we would need then to strip and varnish the rest of the dining room furniture. So the chair cushions it was.

This is one of our chairs in need of new padding and new material.

A chair in need

A chair in need

The colour scheme in the lounge/dining room in our French home is duck egg blue and country cream, so we needed material to match. The material that we found is from Laura Ashley, it is a gorgeous white with a light grey Regency pattern on linen fabric.

1 Paul removed the cushion from the chair, not an easy thing to do, it had plenty of screws underneath attaching the seat to the chair. With the seat free and accessible he had to remove the old material which was stapled every half inch.

Out with the old, in with the new... material

Out with the old, in with the new… material

2 Then he cut a new piece of foam to size

Cutting the foam

Cutting the foam

3 I love the Regency print – I then cut the material to size with about 4cm left to tuck under the seat for fixing.

Work in progress

Work in progress

4 Paul then placed the backing material over the reverse side of the cushion and stapled it in place under the seat base.



5 Screw the recovered seat onto the chair frame and we have one chair complete, only another five to go.

One chair done...

One chair done…

I have enough linen left to renovate our rocking chair seat and back cushions – awesome.


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