News and Vintage Pictures of Daglan

Our News

My health scare last Friday morning is our latest news. I had been ill for a few days prior to this, however, the ‘111’ NHS Choices operator summoning an ambulance to take me to hospital for a check up, just to be sure that it was not a stroke or brain tumour came has quite a surprise. So much so that I really thought that this was it, ‘the end is nigh’, “for whom the bell tolls”, type of thing. However, the good news was that I was fine, just a really nasty “bug” going around the coastal area where we live. I know that it is cheesy to say, but it does put life into perspective, I eat healthily and am not over weight, exercise everyday but it will happen one day.

Enough of my morbid news, on a more positive note, let’s focus onto our move to France with; a few helpful news items.

New High Speed Train Service

Plans to build a new high-speed train line in the South West of France have caused concern among winemakers. The new line would connect Bordeaux with Dax and would run through the Ciron valley, close to where Sauternes wine is produced. Winemakers believe it would be a “death sentence” for the famous Sauternes vintages, such as Chateau d’Yquem, as the line would disturb the unique microclimate which allows the wine to be produced. Let me know what you think! I personally am looking forward to a high-speed train linking Bordeaux to Paris, (all those shops, museums and markets to see and enjoy) it should only be a two hour train journey and work should be completed in 2017.


We used to have a train service from Daglan to Sarlat, bring it back please.


Speed Limits on the Roads

The speed limit on some of Frances most dangerous departmental roads is set to be cut from 90kph to 80kph in a two year trial. The reductions will apply to roads that are considered to be accidental black spots, based on recent accidental statistics. However the safe driving campaign group La Ligue Contre La Violence Routiere has argued that the speed limit should be applied to all departmental roads.


I also wish that the old tree was still there in the square, it looks magnificent.


Good News for Energy Savings

In an attempt to encourage more property owners to carry out energy-saving renovation work on their property, the French government has tired to simplify the numerous benefits and tax incentives that are available. Also, it was necessary to carry out several different types of improvements work in order to qualify, but now just one is sufficient. Work that is eligible includes roof and wall insulation, and the use of renewable energy sources to produce hot water.


Our home is to the left of the picture with the steps leading up to the balcony, what a shame that they were taken down.


To Finish

Some very excellent personal news, our son Adam has passed his driving test, first time, we are planning various places to visit; Lancaster Castle, Stream Train Museum and places of natural beauty-awesome.




3 thoughts on “News and Vintage Pictures of Daglan

  1. Glad to hear your health worries were unfounded . Nothing is more stressful than thinking you are critically ill, I know!
    If you are anything like me , you probably think any dodgy symptoms at our age mean we are heading down the slippery slope!
    Re government grants, we considered solar panels on our south facing roof and MAY go down that road, but we have had a state of the art eco boiler fitted for our hot water & radiators and it is proving economical. We are super-insulating the house too.
    Never had any insulation before so anything will be an improvement
    Of course one of the big benefits of being butted up to neighbouring properties is that your side walls lose less heat!!

  2. Thank you for the comment, I agree with everything that you have said, we are very alike. The eco boiler sounds very interesting and we may consider it for our French home.

    Addition from Paul… Our current boiler is old but said to be the Rolls Royce of boilers… about the same size too.

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