Out with the old and in with the new – well almost!

Firstly, just a few words concerning the tragic loss of life last week in France. My condolences to every culture, we are all human beings; the criminal act of a few should not alter this.


As the saying goes – in January we cast out the old and welcome in the new. It is a time of reflection on events of the previous year and resolve and plan for the future.

This year is all about change for us, we have been working towards our move to France since about 1998 and now we are nearly there it seems unreal somehow. We plan to move in September but it could take longer, it all depends on the sale of our property in England.

However, first things first, looking back over the previous year we have completed most of the tasks for our move to France, which is great. We only need to make our home more friendly for our two cats. The balcony needs to be more cat proof and we need a door for the boiler room for their safety. The completion of the kitchen-cupboard doors etc. Also, if we have time, a few floor boards in the attic would be nice for storage purposes. So with this in mind I think that a month by month plan would be best.

So the plan for January is:-

1 Budget for the move to France: e.g. removal firm, insurance, transportation of the pets and ourselves. Also, what we will need to buy when we get there: bedroom furniture, fridge and freezer etc

2 The sale of our property – ongoing

3 The restoration of our dinning room chairs, my next task which can be completed here in the UK

4 For the “blog”- New and old places of interest, restoration and the ups and downs of moving- ongoing each month

Out with the old, does not apply to Monpazier, I think that it will always be one of our favourite places to visit where we can guarantee we will always find something old or new of interest.

Magnificent Monpazier, the architecture alone is worth a visit. However, they also have boutiques, antiques, and of course a market every Thursdays morning which is very extensive in the summer months; selling everything from cheese to linen.



Get there for about ten in the morning for everything to be open but remember that the stalls and shops start to close for lunch at about twelve, for two or three hours.

The deserted market square.

Closed for lunch

Closed for lunch

There are many restaurants, brasseries and bistros in Monpazier we have only tried four of them, all excellent.

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