To end the year

Just a few of our favourite Perigord photographs

At this time of year I always look back on the year and reflect on our time in the Perigord. So I thought that it would be nice to end the year with a few of my favourite photographs.

Magical Domme rising above the mist

Magical Domme, rising above the mist

Musicians outside the Cathedral in Sarlat

Musicians outside Saint-Sacerdos Cathedral in Sarlat

Strictly Come Dancing in Daglan

Our home and Paul looking like he is practising for Strictly Come Dancing

Bathed in sunlight

Church of St. Martin bathed in sunlight

I know, not French but so cute

I know, not French but so cute
our Angel having a stretch and a large yawn, on the bed

I am having a break from the blog for Christmas, so a Very Happy Christmas and New Year and Thank You so much for reading and following our blog it does mean a lot. I will blog again in January.

Joyeux Noel to everyone

5 thoughts on “To end the year

  1. Your house is wonderfully evocative of your particular region, the perfect retirement pad!
    I love village houses, I may start a club for those who fly the flag for these simple & authentic homes.
    That boulangerie is very handy too…

  2. Thank you for the comment. We are trying to renovate our home to the period of the house, which is 1844 with a modern twist, dishwasher, fridge and freezer. The boulangerie next door to us is sometimes too handy!

  3. You are so lucky, we don’t have a period to relate to
    Our house is a patchwork of medieval animal shelter and humble servant’s pad cobbled into domestic village house in 1837ish! in some ways that makes it harder to fix a coherent design, but one has evolved that seems to suit us & the house so hopefully it will work. We are having mod cons though! I have no desire to wash dishes or bathe in lukewarm water in an ancient stone trough!

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