Cream paint and the turquoise section of the house.

Cream paint

If you remember in my previous “blog” from last year we had to have a new radiator installed in my bedroom due to the fact that we had a “Lake Garda” episode after we turned on the cold water. After a while I noticed that due to the lake, cutting up of the old, very heavy cast iron radiator and the installation of the new radiator my skirting board was not looking good at all. A quick coat of paint over the dingy section was needed.

We had used up all of the cream paint, so new paint was needed, yet another trip to the DIY store. The paint we bought looked like it was the same colour when I started to paint only to realise that it was a different tone of cream after the paint dried. Not one for giving up easily and armed with an almost full tin of paint, I decided that all was not lost, I needed to paint all around the room, around the door and the French windows, and needless to say this job was not going to take a morning to complete!

Master bedroom with the new “cream” paint.

Master bedroom with the new “cream” paint.

The turquoise section

On our last visit we decided to turn our attention to the “turquoise” section of our home which is through the kitchen door to a hallway which leads to a pantry, boiler room, another room which we hope to turn into an office, the downstairs toilet and utility room and eventually out the courtyard at the back of the property. A lot of work, most of which will need to wait until we move to France because we would like French windows installed from the utility room to the courtyard. We can turn our hands to a variety of DIY but not fitting of French windows, experts need to be called in.

The pantry before we started to paint:-

Gas cylinders in the turquoise pantry.

Gas cylinders in the turquoise pantry.

And after:-

The cream room.

The cream room.

When we have time I would like shelves in this room for preserves and also a chest freezer for the times when the village is cut off from the outside world due to snow and ice, which it was two years ago.

Our side door and hallway, the kitchen door is on the right.

This will be our next job, roll on 2015

This will be our next job, roll on 2015

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