Saint-Cyprien and the Yorkshire connection!

A French holiday is not complete without trips to a few of the markets in the Dordogne so after our “market fix” on Saturday in Sarlat I was ready for another market on the Sunday morning! Not as big as Sarlat but still one of the best markets is at Saint-Cyprien on a Sunday morning.

It is set out along the town’s main street, Rue Gambetta, which has above the more modern shop fronts and stripped canopies, elegant iron balconies and carved stone windows.

Market Day in Saint-Cyprien

Market Day in Saint-Cyprien

As we arrived, we were attracted to piles of vibrantly coloured baskets stacked high on trestle tables under the shade of the many parasols. Further along plates of cheese samples were offered to us by smiling fromagers and stalls displaying rainbows of peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, melons and strawberries.

Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs

The variety of fresh produce on offer; from vegetables to bread, cakes, wine, baskets, linen, clothes and shoes. A few of the shops are also open on a Sunday. We visited one that sells stone bathroom basins that we would like for our bathroom, once we move to Daglan.

A variety of fresh produce

A variety of fresh produce

We did buy vegetables, fruit and wine, plus, on another stall, a few birthday cards from a Yorkshire man who had moved to the area twelve years ago, he was very interesting to talk to, I was explaining that I was also from Yorkshire, only about thirty minutes away from where we used to live. Even the cards were made in Yorkshire, small world.

After walking up and down the market we were ready for one of our favourite pass times; coffee at one of the many cafes, and watch the world go by on a gorgeous sunny morning.


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