More Hidden Gems of Sarlat and this weekend events.

Walk down any of the medieval side streets of the old town of Sarlat and you come across the hidden gems. This “gem” is a vegetarian delight, ducks that you do not eat! The store specialises in ceramic ducks of all shapes and sizes; I particularly like the ones that hang over the side of the shelves and windows.



We were late shopping in Sarlat this particular day so after a trip to the market for the fresh produce it was time for lunch. Our first thought was to try to find a restaurant down one of the winding side streets which we had not visited before. There are a lot to choose from.

We had to look for a restaurant that caters for both meat eaters and vegetarian, Paul eats meat and I do not. Which is difficult to find, I do eat fish though which does make the decision easier.

As a ‘vegi’ and bird lover I had to persevere past the many duck menus but there are a variety of gorgeous meals to find, and this is where we stopped for lunch.

Auberge des Lys d'Or

Auberge des Lys d’Or

This was my dish, scallops, rice with salad in a cream sauce.
Although delicious, the salad was covered with vinaigrette which did not go with the cream sauce.



Paul’s was a beef dish with lots of potatoes and mushrooms. He said that the meat was very tender and also delicious.

a beef dish

the beef dish

We did not have dessert, they looked very tempting but we were trying not to put on the calories… too much.

This was the start of another side street that leads to the main shopping area of Sarlat. The variety of squashes and the colour was amazing. You can just see the pumpkins on the left of the picture, which were cut up into pieces for people to buy.



A favourite Patisserie which is found down the main street in Sarlat, I did not buy any cakes but I love to stop and look at the artistry of the baker. We stopped for a coffee and sat outside to watch the world go by on market day.

A favourite Patisserie

A favourite Patisserie

This weekend events:-

Vintage Car Rally in Sarlat on the 26th October
Also in Sarlat, a Brocante on the same day.


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