Witches Hats!

The roof tops of Daglan are truly fascinating, each house depicting the wealth of the owner and the village in the 19th century. In particular I love the curve of the roof tops which always remind me of a witch’s hat.

Place de la Liberte

Place de la Liberte

The carvings on the attic windows are gorgeous and are a real status symbol to Daglan in its heyday.

architectural carving

architectural carving

Our home showing the witches hat roof top, which is more striking on the Patisserie next door. We have not painted the outside windows and doors yet, it’s another item on the long, long…. long to do list, so for the moment you just need to imagine duck egg blue shutters and white window frames.

Another view

Another view of la Place de la Liberte

Daglan’s church of St. Martin with its blue topped tower and of course the sloping roof.

Daglan’s church of St. Martin

Daglan’s church of St. Martin

In the early morning and at dusk swallows swoop around the church and square. They make a very interesting clinking sound as they hunt for food.


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