Clouds, music, straw and sunflowers

Just a few days to go before our third visit of the year to France and like always I have to write “a to do list”, this time it is really short:

1 Clean the property – this is not a task I welcome on our first couple of days but it is needed and check for leaks too!
2 Make the beds and fall into them.
3 Weed the garden, our courtyard is small but the weeds are tall.
4 Work on the kitchen-tiling, painting, looking for and painting cupboard doors. The DIY stores are very few and far between in the Perigord, so that the looking for part will take days. When you consider that some ‘local’ stores are so far away that it becomes a day’s event, a few stores to look at could easily take a week.
5 Paint the cupboard doors!
6 Finish painting the master bedroom.
7 Paint the large pantry, next to the kitchen.
8 Visit friends and find time for a few glasses of wine on the balcony.
9 Visit markets, always a must, prep the house for winter.
I think that is all until next year.

This picture of Domme in the clouds was taken last July. It was truly amazing; as the sun became warmer the clouds vanished slowly to revel the vista.

Above the clouds.

Above the clouds.

We stopped for a coffee at one of the local cafes and had the added bonus of the musicians close by.



This field is very near to our home in Daglan. The little hut is only found in the Perigord it was used for a shelter or for storing and drying the walnuts.

Straw and stone huts

Straw and stone huts

We have never been to France in July before so we always missed the sunflowers on previous visits, so we just had to take this picture.



Have a great last few weeks of Summer and I shall “blog” again on our return from France.


2 thoughts on “Clouds, music, straw and sunflowers

  1. Love the pics and your blog….I must get that sunflower pic next season. Have you seen the lovely Daglan signpost to the entrance to the town.? Your home may be depicted.

    • Thank you and yes our house is on the sign for Daglan, we do miss Daglan in the winter months because we are unable to visit but next spring we will be there again for more DIY.

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