Daglan Market + part two

Gastronome (food market) and vide grenier (empty attic) part two

The vide grenier (like a car boot or garage sale) was held on the same day as the gastronome, it was placed around the church and along the main road.

Browsing the stalls was interesting, we bought three paintings from here.

We bought three paintings from this stall

Browsing the vide grenier

Here they are, the large one on the left is my sons the two small ones are ours. The smallest of the three is of Marie Antoinette painted onto silk, gorgeous and is great for the period of the house.

Three paintings

The three paintings

Three leather purchases, two for our kindles and one notepad, all excellent buys. Adam calls my kindle folder, “the eye of Sauron”, from the Lord of the Rings.

Three leather purchases

Three leather purchases


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