Our return to France

We are getting ready once more for our next trip to France. So the second to do list is here:-
* Check all of the radiators for leaks, (have a bucket and mop on stand by).
* Paint the window frames (Adam has been nominated as the chief painter, but he does not know yet!)
* Paint the front door
* Paint the kitchen window (if time).
* Work on the kitchen, tiling or cupboard doors.
* Fit shelf over kitchen radiator for the enjoyment of our cats
* Visit friends, have a drink or two.
* Castlenaud, demonstration of firing the trebuchet (one third scale model) and a forging demonstration, (no not money! Making chain mail).
* Sarlat, Fete de la Musique and Drama.
* Dome market which is every Thursday, buy strawberries for the after dinner pudding and for crepes in the morning.
* Grotte de Rouffignac-cave painting. The tour is about one hour by a small train, which stops now and again to view the paintings, sounds good.
* Tour de France-25th July at Monbazillac, pick up a few bottles of wine and watch the race with a few thousand other people on the side of the road.

Just to get us in the mood for our visit

typical vista

A typical vista.

Domme market and our favourite strawberry lady.



If it is too hot why not try blackcurrant ice cream with Chantilly cream, with a refreshing glass of ice tea.

blackcurrant ice cream , yum

Blackcurrant ice cream , yum

I will blog again on our return in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Our return to France

    • Sorry to say that we did not have time to go to Castlenaud for the trebuchet, I always write a long list of things to do and I always hope that we will complete the list, however, we did spend longer visiting friends and the Tour de France was awesome even if it was in the middle of a storm. Your experience sounds great, we will defiantly visit the Castle again next year.

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