Château de Castelnaud

Part one

After the “leaks” in the radiator pipe we had a great time visiting the various “tourist” spots of the area with my sister. One of my favourite places is Château de Castelnaud (I have visited the Château about four times) we took a few photographs, so we have split them into two blogs.

Between Beynac and La Rogue-Gageac the D57 crosses the Dordogne to Beynac’s eternal nemesis, the Château de Castelnaud standing high and arrogant on the limestone cliffs. It certainly has the “wow” factor.

It is awesome. From the panoramic views over the Dordogne and the Ceou valleys, you can really understand the sites strategic importance.

Chateau de Castlenaud

Château de Castlenaud

There are quite a lot of dark and steep narrow staircases in Castelnaud but once you reach the several rooms of combat it is well worth the climb.

For example in one of the rooms is a 16th century organ with a 12 gun barrels. This organ could sweep a large sector of the battlefield with lead.

12 barrel gun

12 barrel gun

This is just part of the selection of the artillery tower.

A gun cabinet

A gun cabinet

A very good example of the armoury worn by the knights and their horses. The plated armour completely protected the knight from blows while several pieces of armour called barding covered the horse’s vital parts.

Dressed to kill

Dressed to kill

There are cinemas in some of the rooms where you can sit and watch films demonstrating how they made chain mail, putting the armour on or how the English beat the French and visa versa. My sister and I kept quiet when a group of children started to boo the English.

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