The Orange has gone!

I do not know why but every room in our home in Daglan was painted orange. Orange is in fashion this year but no we could not keep it, the walls were a dirty orange which made the rooms seem dark and to be honest uninviting, so the colour needed to change.

Below is the lounge area, before we started to decorate the walls. The ceiling was painted last year in white.



We had bought a new sofa and chair last February that we are going to take with us when we move to Daglan, so armed with a small swatch of fabric; we commenced the hunt for the duck egg blue paint in the DIY stores.

The new sofa

The new sofa

One wall and the chimney breast would be in duck egg blue and the rest of the walls in cream. First, we painted the cream walls in the lounge, dinning area and kitchen, it looked great but took days to complete. Then it was the blue, at first I was unsure of the colour, the one on the left (of the picture below) could be too dark so we tried the paler colour on the right, no too pale. In the end we tried painting the entire chimney breast in the darker blue, it looked good. So we continued with painting the chimney breast and the far wall.

Which one?

Which one?

In the picture below you can see Paul working on a plank suspended above the stairwell, it did not look safe, so I was very helpful, I got the camera.

the joy of decorating, scary

The joy of decorating… scary

This is the lounge area now, almost finished, I need to paint the window frame and door on one wall and the window and the back door in the kitchen. Plus, Paul is going to work on the rest of the kitchen, worktops, etc. on our next visit.

the finished lounge area

The finished lounge area

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