Then there was nothing!

We always expect something to go wrong on our first visit of the year, what exactly it is, is always a mystery. Needless to say it may incorporate “the first leaks of the year” from our radiators or may not. Anyway we arrived all set to check everything and then to start the cleaning process. I do not have a case of severe O.C.D (honestly) but enough to want to clean on a daily basis. Three or four hours cleaning per day is the norm for me, a house that has been left all winter is extremely dusty and I am all set to clean from top to bottom, when Paul shouts “there is no water”. Unknown to us this was only the start.

If you remember we had appliances installed over the winter months, they look really good and the plumber had completed additional work such as trunking cables into the wall and plastering, with no extra charge, excellent. Unfortunately when Paul tried out our new gas cooker, there was no gas. Having a small panic, I had this vision of booking a hotel while we find out why we had nothing, well nearly nothing the electric worked.

However, we were tired, hungry and needed time to think what our next move should be. So lunch first and then the plan.

Sunny Daglan

Sunny Daglan

Le The Vert

Le The Vert is an excellent place to go for lunch, you always get a warm welcome and excellent food to eat. You will find them just before the bridge in Daglan. They are open everyday except Wednesday and have light meals or a special set menu. We opted for the set menu, three courses for only about 14 euro each, excellent value. We both ordered soup, salad, and a delicious meringue dessert. While we were eating we explained our predicament to the owner, who told us that if the water was still off when we returned to our house we could go back to the restaurant for a shower. I could not thank her enough.

Having eaten our meal, and drank a lot of Yorkshire tea, we felt ready to return to our problems. On our return, and having read the instructions for the operating sequence of the various gas valves we were able to turn on the gas, excellent. Now the water. Along side of our house is a small alleyway, from the alleyway we could now see and hear men who belonged to the water board, Sodego. A little nosy investigation and we discovered there had been a burst pipe that morning, a small flood had occurred and the water board was informed, they arrived on the same day to fix the leak with new pipes an excellent quick service. They informed my husband that the water would be back on in a few minutes. And it was, the work was checked and ten minutes later the water was back. Awesome, now to the cleaning.

Le Thé Vert

Le Thé Vert

Le Thé Vert – find them on
They also have curry nights, fish and chip nights etc
A very big thank you from Paul and I for an excellent service, food and comfort, not forgetting the offer of a shower.

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