Sarlat and the magic of mushrooms.

I thought that we would start our first blog on our return to Blackpool looking at Sarlat once more before our next blog which will cover “the first leaks” of the year, something nice before something that was unpleasant.

We always enjoy visiting Sarlat, a town where I half-expect to walk into a film crew making another version of The Musketeers. The set designers might need to alter a few shop fronts and remove the chairs from a few café terraces, but otherwise they would not have to change a thing. The town as been preserved as if in aspic since the 16th century, a glorious jumble of medieval houses and narrow alleyways, dark tunnels and grand Renaissance town houses, all built around a monastery and an abbey that dated back to Charlemagne’s time. Now the capital of the Perigord Noir and one of the most visited towns in France. We never tire of wandering its cobbled streets whether it is market day or not it is such a delight every time.

The sun was just breaking over these ancient buildings while we drank our cup of morning coffee.

early morning in Sarlat

early morning in Sarlat

I could not resist taking another photograph of a Patisserie


They all look so delicious.

Look at the size of these mushrooms, awesome. We thought that they were just for display purposes, but no, they were to buy.


What an omelette they would make!

If anyone is in the Perigord Noir check out the Brocantes this weekend at Daglan and St Pompon, they are always worth a visit.


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