The “first leaks of the year” Working holiday

I had better explain the above, every time we go to France for our first working holiday of the year we experience radiator leaks. Our first was the most dramatic with Lake Garda in the bedroom and last year we had leaks from three of the downstairs radiators, not serious and easily fixable.

Well my list gets longer and longer for things to do when we get there:
1 Leave home in the middle of the night for a very early flight, find the airport, then where to park, the usual check in hassles then the long wait for that first flight of the day. With only a few hours sleep this is quite difficult.
2 Arrive in Bergerac, tired, find the rental car firm then find the rental car and find the way out of the airport – it always reminds me of the film ‘A Good Year’, where Russel Crow drives around and around in ever decreasing circles to find the exit of the airport car park.
3 Find a supermarket and shop quickly; it will close at 12’oclock. We have seen people having to leave their shopping and walk out of a supermarket at 12’oclock.
4 Check out the first leaks of the season, mop in hand ready for the deluge of water.
5 Look at and check our new appliances that were fitted over the winter period. See Tah Dah – the on going saga of the Kitchen
6 Have lunch, then clean several months of dust, make up the beds and fall onto them warn out.
7 Measure the interior of the property, so that Adam can create his 3D magic. He will model the interior so we can plan how the furniture will fit.
8 Trip to a brico (DIY store) to buy paint, wood, cupboard doors, knobs etc for the kitchen
9 Paint all of the downstairs, this will take about three or four days.
10 Work on the kitchen, shelves, cupboards, worktops etc.
11 Visit friends. I think that this should really be at number 7
12 Go to the local markets, always a must.
13 Pick up my sister from the airport, her first visit.
14 Visit the local tourist sites, restaurants and of course more markets.
15 A little early in the season for Brocantes, but I am hopeful.
16 Another pre dawn trip to the airport, arrive back in England and sleep for a week.

Our gorgeous village of Daglan, just to get us in the mood for our visit.

The village square, Daglan

The village square, Daglan

This is a small part of the large park at the back of my favourite Chateau in Daglan.  You can just see the forest that surrounds the village in the background.



Sarlat – this picture always reminds me of Christmas Carol:-“up a lane, where it has so little business to be. That one could scarcely help fancy it must have run there when it was a young house, playing hide and seek with other houses, and had forgotten the way out again”.

Christmas Carol?

Christmas Carol?

Sarlat – we shall be sitting at a local café next week sipping our morning coffee before we go and buy the fresh produce for dinner.



This will be our last “blog” for a few weeks, I will have lots to tell when we return


3 thoughts on “The “first leaks of the year” Working holiday

  1. Thank you for your comment. It is only eleven days. I am getting tied just thinking about it, I missed gardening of the list, which after nine months the weeds will have taken over. However, the weather is going to be gorgeous, fresh food, wine and good company. Can not wait.

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