Joyeuses Paques-Happy Easter

Milk Chocolate Les Marquis Bell

The very expensive but gorgeous confectioner Laduree which was founded in 1862 has released its mouth-watering Easter collection for 2014. Among the gorgeous things that you can buy is the cloche or bell range. Cloches volantes are a traditional Easter confection in France, symbolising the legend of the bells flying to Rome on Good Friday. From this date no bells are heard until Easter Sunday, when they return to herald Christ’s resurrection.

Ladurees Cloche Lapin is a dark or milk chocolate bell, filled with chocolate bonbons, delicious. The Cloche de Paques is a dessert available for six to eight people from April 17-21, consisting of chocolate macaroon biscuit, bergamot orange cream, orange and bergamot jam, chocolate mousse and crispy praline slivers. My mouth is watering already.



If you are going to France for Easter do check out the local confectionaries for hand crafted eggs, bells, rabbits etc. The displays alone are truly wonderful to see.



Unfortunately all of my family are on a diet so no Easter chocolate for us, except I will be making an Easter cake which will be covered in chocolate. “Just a small piece of cake please”.

Easter eggs


1 thought on “Joyeuses Paques-Happy Easter

  1. I love the rabbit peeping from under the bell. My husband will no longer by me chocolate animals at Easter after one sat on the mantlepiece for several weeks as I couldn’t bring myself to it it!

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