And now for something completely different

Travel News

The airline has announced a new route from Manchester to Bergerac for the summer 2014. The direct service connecting the North of England to the Dordogne will start with prices around £31 per person, including taxes.

Also, as part of a major expansion at Birmingham airport, Flybe has added seven new routes to its service, two of which will be to the South West of France. Starting this summer there will be six flights per week to Toulouse and four flights per week to Bordeaux.

Petit Paris Restaurant in Daglan

Petit Paris Restaurant in Daglan

Food news

Good news for anyone missing English food. Which Offshore has created an interactive food map for expats! The map allows British people to find the nearest shop selling items like Branston pickle and tea bags and then zoom in to the exact location. Apparently 61% of British people take their favourite food items with them when visiting their holiday home.


A temporary ruling allowing DIY stores to open on a Sunday until July 2015 has been suspended. Following a complaint from the trade unions, the Counseil d’Etat has ruled that allowing Sunday opening went against the principles of a weekly day of rest that is guaranteed in the constitutional rights of employees.

Sarlat Market

Sarlat Market

Before I forget, a very Happy Mothers Day 30th March


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