Château de Puymartin

Here is another Château in the same area, half way between Les Eyzies and Sarlat is Château de Paymartin and it is just one of the 10001 Château’s in the Dordogne. We have visited about ten Château’s so quite a way to go yet.

The Château was built in 1270 but it was destroyed during the Hundred Years War by the English in 1355 and rebuilt around 1450 by Randolph Saint-Clar. Restored once more in 1890 by the Marquis de Carbonnier Marzac who is the ancestor of the present family: Montbron. Because the Château has remained in the same family it has quite a lot of heirlooms, furniture, tapestries, paintings and an interesting mythological room, which are unique to the Perigord

This Château is one of our favourites; it is a definite must see if you travel to the Dordogne.

A view from the grounds

A view from the grounds

They also have a ghostly white tower!

The legend is of the White LadyTherese de Saint Clar who was very surprised when her husband came back early from the War. Her lover was killed and Therese was placed into the tower. The tower has a very small room at the top. The door was walled up and only a small hatch was allowed so that food could be sent up to Therese. She never came out and on her death fifteen years later her body was walled up in the Tower, where it still remains to this day. Legend says that Therese haunts the Château at night around midnight she is said to walk from the tower down the stone steps to her husband’s bedroom.

A very sad tale, I felt very sorry for her when I saw the tower, it was so small, so to stay there for fifteen years must have been terrible.

The White Tower – you can just see the bell near the top outside of Therese’s room so that she could ring for food.

The White Tower

The White Tower

This picture was taken from the White Tower looking down to the courtyard.

The Bell

The bell on the White Tower

Very interesting stone steps to the battlements. Not in tourist use, thank goodness.

stone steps

stone steps

The entrance to the Château

gorgeous carvings

Note the gorgeous carvings

Unfortunately, once again you can not take photographs inside the Château. Which is a great shame, because Puymartin does have quite a few gorgeous rooms, the fireplaces alone are worth a visit.

It is open from April to November 10-12 am and 2-4pm. In the summer months they have nocturnal visits and a ‘dinner spectacular’- You need to book in advance for the last two.


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