Le Roque Gageac+Brocante

Just looking at the sunshine is terrific. It is cold and windy with sleet and snow in England, with more flood warnings, so it is good to look at the sunshine of the Perigord Noir and count the weeks until our return.

Anyway, this was the scene last September, you can see the Chateau which was built in the Renaissance period and still belongs to the Tarde family – gorgeous.

All of the metal and wood sticking out of the ground is the new pedestrian walkway/road widening which is being built alongside of the river in order that tourists can walk along without the fear of being run over and to have an attractive walkway on both sides of the road.

Roadworks ahead

Roadworks ahead

It could be completed before the start of the tourist season! At the moment the road is closed to traffic but pedestrians have access.

Perched above the Dordogne River the village of Le Roque Gageac is a member of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (the most beautiful villages of France) and has been inhabited since Prehistoric times. There is a rickety walkway to the troglodyte caves but it is unsafe and closed to the public.

Les Plus Beaux Villages

Les Plus Beaux Villages

Le Roque Gageac has its own microclimate with the mass of rock storing heat during the day and radiating it at night. Next to the church is an astonishing exotic garden full of Mediterranean style planting that you would not expect to see this far north and well worth a visit.

the church

the church


We can spend all morning roaming around Brocantes; in fact quite often we plan our French working holiday around them. This particular Brocante covered the main car park at La Rogue-Gageac. I was tempted by a few of the chairs on sale but did not buy, well not this time.

eclectic mix

An eclectic mix of… well… just about everything was on display.

I loved the grinning cat on the plinth.

Smile please

Smile please

We thought that the clocks were very expensive but the craftsmanship was superb.

craftsmanship is expensive

craftsmanship is expensive

We were tempted and do wish that we had purchased this desk… and some more vintage linen for our small collection.

We were tempted

We were tempted

“What a gorgeous sofa, it would look just right in the master bedroom, Paul…”

if the price is right.

Again, we did not buy; next time if the price is right.

After a hard morning walking and looking around the Brocante it was time for a light lunch and a drink or two of the local wine.




One thought on “Le Roque Gageac+Brocante

  1. Love brocantes/vide greniers
    Invariably regret that I didn’t buy a certain thing that I may never see again!
    That said, the mayor’s stall at our village vide grenier brings out a lovely tea set every year
    Once it drops below 5euros I’m on it!

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