Tah Dah – the on going saga of the Kitchen

Renovation takes time. It is an obvious statement but very true. It is particularly true when we live so far away in England and can only work on our property for a limited amount of time each year. No builders to rely on, all our own work, so it takes years to complete. However, there are times when an expert is called for and gas fitting is one of those times. Great news, we have our white goods installed in the kitchen, tah dah.

This picture was taken before we started to remove the tiles from the wall. We only had a small four ring hob and no oven. Also half of the old hob was gas powered and the other half was electric. I imagine it’s a good idea in case of power cuts but not really very practical otherwise. I have tried many times to light the electric rings with a match, not good first thing in the morning, when you are tired out from yesterdays renovation work.


Before: please do not look at the bright orange walls, our aim is to paint them this year

The start of the transformation, the gorgeous new travertine tile splash back fitted . The cooker, cooker hob and dishwasher were still stored in the lounge.

The start of the transformation

The start of the transformation

I am so excited, I have never had a dishwasher before, (except for Paul and Adam). I know that I am easily pleased and that I should get out more but it is great.

Our dishwasher

Our dishwasher

Cooker hob, looking good, a great improvement over the 1960s unit.

Cooker top, looking good

Cooker hob

The oven, complete with clock.

The oven, complete with clock

The oven, complete with clock

All we need now is a new refrigerator, chest freezer, cupboards, worktop, shelves, complete the tiling, paint the walls etc but it is a good step in the right direction.

The new cooker and dishwasher pictures were taken by friends in Daglan who had also organised the plumber/electrician who fitted the white goods along with some other behind the scenes work to the gas piping.

We have not been over to France yet this year but are very excited for when we finally see our new equipment and are able to really make the most of that wonderful fresh food.

4 thoughts on “Tah Dah – the on going saga of the Kitchen

  1. How have I missed your blog? OK so now I have to play catch up and probably play havoc with your stats -sorry but you’re now bookmarked so I look forward to following your progress.

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