I know, not France

Unfortunately we could not go over to France for Christmas, so here are a few pictures from our home in England that I hope that you will enjoy.

What is the old saying: red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning. Well this was a morning shot, taken from our front door and what a day we had, rain high winds and several parts of Britain under flood water once again.

Red sky in the morning

Red sky in the morning.

Due to having two cats in the home it was the first time that we had a Christmas tree in years. It did look good and the cats ignored it, well almost Phoebe did nibble the lower branches and Angel bopped a bauble or two.

Christmas tree

Our first Christmas tree for a few years

This is Phoebe, who ran under the tree every morning looking for her present, and each day I said, “not to day”. She did ‘eventually’ love her treats on Christmas morning.

Patiently waiting

Patiently waiting

I’m keeping an eye on you.
You can just see Angel’s two eyes under the mountain of paper.

Peep po

Peep po

Rich luxury mince pies, yum

Mince pies

Mince pies

On Christmas Eve Paul made the Yule Log shown below you can find the recipe
here in our recipe section (opens in a new window)
It was delicious.

Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël

I make the Christmas cake at the end of September and then every month I would spoon in just a little Cognac, so that by Christmas it is yummy.
Find the recipe here (opens in a new window)

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

This is our New Year picture; it was quite a shock to see a Goshawk on our lawn one morning. I am afraid to say that it was eating one of the doves that feed from our bird table. We think that it must have been blown off course by the high winds.


Goshawk in the garden


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