A lot more DIY

Where to begin? There are many problems with DIY stores in the Perigord, the one that stands out the most is that they are not like the stores in England: they are not large, do not hold a lot of stock or variety and they are miles apart. So you may get one or two things from one store and then have to travel an hour or so to the next. Not forgetting that all of the stores close at about midday and do not reopen until two or four in the afternoon. However, having completed my little moan, we have found a very high standard of customer service in every one that we have visited. Our French is not that good but we try and the positive feedback that we have received has been great. So even if it does take all day to buy a few things then we can plan it around visiting markets and/or having a long lunch, enjoying the countryside and the French way of life.

Here are just a few bricolage (DIY) stores that we have visited:

BricoNautes – Sarlat and St Cyprien – http://www.les-briconautes.fr/

Bricomarché – Gourdon, Bergerac – http://www.bricomarche.com/

BricoDepot – Perigeux, Bordeaux – http://www.bricodepot.fr/

There are also many local traders for example – Freyet – Daglan – http://www.freytet-bois-materiaux.com – A trade builders merchants who welcomes DIY-ers and has an English translation of their website.

And of course specialists in, for example ceramic tiles, can be found on the outskirts of most towns. If you know of anymore please let us know.

This is a picture of our lounge area after Adam and I painted the ceiling. Still a lot of work to do, the walls are next. A tip for you is that paint is very expensive in France. We have been lucky because a friend of ours transported a few tins of paint for us from England. Unfortunately not all of the paint we will need, there still more to buy but it was a great saving.

The lounge - Believe it or not!

The lounge – Believe it or not!

You can just see near the window our new cooker, cooker top and dishwasher which are waiting for the plumber/electrician to fit in the kitchen. Can not wait, I am so looking forward to a cooker so that I can try out various recipes which will incorporate the fresh produce of the area.

The hard work goes on, the extractor fan was purchased from Expert just outside Sarlat on the D57 Route de Bergerac. A good domestic electrical goods retailer selling washers, dryers, fridges, ovens, hobs, kettles, TVs, DVD players and much more. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. http://www.expert.fr

Paul fitting the new extractor fan in the kitchen

Paul fitting the new extractor fan in the kitchen

This is the wooden floor in the master bedroom which was ruined after the ‘flood’ from the radiator – see the post “lake garda in the bedroom” You can see the unevenness of the floor and damaged wood as it slopes away towards the fireplace.

The Old Floor

The Old Floor

The wood floor display at BricoNautes in Sarlat.

The wood floor display

The wood floor display

It did take days of hard work but the new floor is down. We just need tiles for the fireplace and the base of the French windows. Plus the repainting of the skirting boards and I think one or two walls. Then we need various wardrobes etc the list goes on. But it will be great.

The New Floor

The New Floor


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