Domme revisited

The shops in Domme are always worth a look, so instead of taking photographs of the stunning views and the splendid architecture on our last visit, I focused on the wonders of the main street.

I love the bright vibrant colours of the pots in the shop below

Bright and attractive

Bright and attractive

This is the wine shop that I always head for in Domme, welcoming and ready to serve you a sample taster of the local wine and if you are lucky a small taste of the lacquer (walnut my favorite) and of course samples of chocolates of the region.

Wine for all occasions

Wine for all occasions

This shop sells jewelry, crystals, stones, pottery, perfume, body lotions etc.



For the meat eater, Saucisson, or “saucisson sec,” is a thick, dry cured pork or veal sausage with wonderful flavorings herbs, garlic, mushroom, pepper etc which are sold at the market every Thursday morning.

Market Meat

Not for me but Paul loves them.

A small statue of a child thinking outside a jewelry shop.



You can even own your own suit of armor?

Is it Knight

Is it Knight

There are of course many more shops to look at in Domme, plus the museum, the caves, restaurants, cafes, plus the beautiful buildings, gardens, medieval walls and views to die for.


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